Parking Permit Application

To obtain a parking permit, you will need the following:
Signed and completed application
Drivers License
Valid and current proof of Insurance
$50 for the year
$25 for 2nd semester only


It is the student’s responsibility to keep proof of insurance up to date. If the insurance information we have on file is not current, please see Mrs. Campbell in Mr. Wall's office with a current insurance card. 

Parking permits will only be offered to Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores. Permits will only be issued after returning a completed application accompanied by a driver’s license, proof of insurance and the appropriate cost. Yearly permit cost is $50.  A permit for second semester will cost $25.  Please refer to the parking lot map provided with your parking tag to determine where your tag color will allow you to park.  In an effort to be good neighbors by controlling the amount of traffic traveling through the adjacent subdivisions, only students issued white permits are allowed to turn right out of the school parking lot and access the adjacent subdivisions. Students who are issued another color permit will exit the lot making a left turn toward Mexico Road.  Violation of the rules found on the link above could result in disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges. If a parking permit is lost, it will not be replaced, the above mentioned prices will be charged for a new parking permit.