To report your child as absent, please call (636) 477-2460. 

Our goal is to have 95 percent of our students in
school 95 percent of the time. Please note: This time
is measured in minutes, not days. So a student who is
at school daily, but arrives late or leaves early, can quickly lose instructional time. A student with 90 per-
cent attendance last school year missed 17 days


Who Must Attend? Missouri Law Chapter 167
states that every child between the ages of 7 and
17 shall attend a public school regularly during the entire school year unless otherwise enrolled in private school or home school that meets the state’s requirements.

Duty of parent or guardian: Each person who has

under his/her custody a child between 7 and 17 years
of age must see that the child attends school or receives instruction as required above.
School personnel are mandated reporters when

it comes to any suspected abuse/neglect. This includes educational neglect. 

bar graph attendance vs. GPA

There is a great deal of research nationally that links student attendance to success in high school both academically and in other areas.  East High has done a considerable amount of research on attendance and how it impacted our own students’ grades.  Above you can see the Grade Point Average for East High students last school year at several attendance ranges.

In response to this, we have created an attendance task force that is coming up with positive ways to increase attendance. This includes finding ways to get the word out to parents and students about the impact that attendance can have on school success. Parents will receive automated grade and attendance status alerts from East High by e-mail. The sender will show as “noreply” and the subject line will show as “FZE GRADE AND ATTENDANCE ALERT.”  Our goal with these emails is to increase communication between school and home.  We encourage each family to take a moment to review this information as it arrives.  These alerts are intended to be basic in nature, whereas logging onto parent portal would provide even greater details if necessary.  As always, we want to be a help in any way that we can.  Please call us with any questions that you may have at (636) 477-2400. ‚Äč