Penny War to aid recent hurricane victims

Leadership class has organized a Penny War in order to raise money for the people affected by the recent hurricanes.

When: October 2 – 6

How does it work? If your 2nd hour class brings in the most pennies, you will win donuts, milk, brownies and hot chocolate on the following block day.


Image result for penny clipartSilver coins & dollar bills are negative points, so drop off                     silver coins or dollar bills into other classes' bags during                   any hour to sabotage their points!
Image result for penny clipartNo Hiding Bags!
Image result for penny clipartLeadership will be picking up your bags on Friday, Oct. 6th               during 2nd hour. 

If any parents or guardians would like to participate,

they can do so by bringing their donations to the main office.

Click HERE to contact Mrs. Munro for more information