Enrollment Season Starts

Enrollment time is upon us and what better way to prepare for the task than to have a look at the 17-18 Course Description Handbook! 

Not sure what a PLTW is?

Does that new Art class have a prerequisite?

How much singing happens in German class?

The course description handbook has ALL the answers.

Check it out by clicking the link above!

   Graduation Requirements


English/Communication Arts                                4 Units

(English I, English II, American Literature, Senior Electives)

Mathematics                                                         3 Units

Science                                                                 3 Units
(2 credits must be earned in Physical Science & Biology)

Social Studies                                                       3 Units

(United States History, World History & Government)

Health                                                                    ½ Unit

Personal Finance                                                   ½ Unit

Fine Arts                                                                1 Unit

                          Practical Arts                                                          ½ Unit                        

Physical Education                                                 1 Unit

      Electives                                                                 7 ½ Units

   Pass the Missouri & U.S. Constitution Tests        Total  = 24 Units