Mission, Vision, History

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About Our School

In April of 2006, voters approved a no-tax increase bond issue to fund, among  other projects, the construction of the district’s fourth comprehensive high  school to be located on the corner of First Executive Avenue and Boone Hills  Drive in St. Peters. The 43-acre property was formerly Koenig’s Farm.  Construction on the school began immediately following the successful bond issue and followed an aggressive 18-month completion time table. East High School opened its doors to over 600 freshmen and sophomores on August 20, 2007. Those  same students were involved in selecting the school’s black and gold colors and our mascot, the Lions. Highlights of the facility include a state of the art  distance learning laboratory, an artificial turf on the soccer/football field,  all-weather track, two gymnasiums, and over 200,000 square feet of floor space.  The auditorium, band, choir, and drama rooms will be complete and ready for use  by the end of 2007. East High School offers many of the same benefits as are afforded other district students in the areas of curriculum offerings, extra-curricular activities and A+ designation. The faculty and staff at East  High School is committed to providing students with a positive learning  environment to allow students to reach their fullest potential.