Mission Statement

                    Educate Achieve Succeed Together

Vision: Fort Zumwalt East High School is committed to a partnership of the school, home and community. Fort Zumwalt East High will provide programs and learning experiences that promote academic achievement and the personal and social growth of each student to prepare them to be life-long learners who make valuable contributions to society.



       Bring relevance to the class by connecting the curriculum to life

·         Utilize professional development opportunities to implement and evaluate instructional practices

·         Set exemplary standards through research-driven decisions

·         Present a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is always improving

·         Provide opportunities for students and staff to have access and use advancing technologies


·         Inspire students to build upon their strengths to reach their highest potential

·         Develop a strong work ethic in our students

·         Develop varying and frequent assessment a with results used to measure intended learning targets

·         Monitor student performance and provide timely feedback

·         Promote a culture that offers various academic opportunities that will guide students to the pursuit of
     post-secondary career goals


·         Guide students toward becoming productive members of the community

·         Foster an environment with a sense of academic accomplishment and school pride

·         Provide a motivating, impactful and engaging learning environment

·         Prepare students for a myriad of post-secondary opportunities

·         Encourage ALL students to reach their potential


·         Cultivate East High as a place embodied with school and community pride

·         Recognize, invite and accept all individual differences

·         Encourage students to participate in activities in which they will interact with others and extend into the

·         Maintain order, discipline, and a safe environment through consistent enforcement of district policies and
     procedures with the desired outcome yielding improved behavior

·         Provide a safe and welcoming learning and working environment