A+ Tutoring

Parents: Is your son or daughter struggling with a difficult subject and you are not sure where to turn to for help? We have a program here at East that may help and is absolutely free! A+ tutors are available to assist students with their school work in room 208 on early release Wednesdays, C and D days. 

A+ tutors are available to assist you!

Early Release Wednesdays in Room 208

C Days    1:00 – 2:25

D Days  12:00 – 2:25

A+ tutoring will begin the week of September 23rd

C Days                                                                    D Days

Tutoring will be held         Tutoring will be held

from 1:00 – 2:25               from 12:00 – 2:25


Any questions?
Please contact Mr. Devlin’s secretary, Ms. Knoppe

or call at (636) 477-2442.