Assessment Retake Lab for EHS Students

The Assessment Lab puts the main focus on learning by allowing students to take or retake tests
Every early release Wednesday immediately after school C and D Days Only

Students must coordinate taking tests with teachers prior to Assessment date.


Why do we have an Assessment Lab?
The Assessment Lab is an area where students can take or retake exams. This program allows students to make up missing examinations without missing class since the Assessment Lab is offered after school. Students who did poorly on an assessment may be able to retake an exam in order to demonstrate their learning and to improve their grade. Research shows that we don't learn from our mistakes; we learn from correcting our mistakes. Assessment Lab provides students with that opportunity. In just a few years, we have had over 5,000 tests taken in the Assessment Lab!

How can I utilize the Assessment Lab?
If a student wishes to take or retake an exam in the Assessment Lab, they should talk with their teacher. Many teachers will ask them to complete another assignment, a missing assignment, or some other task before they can retake an exam. This allows students to show that they have worked to relearn the material. The student may then be eligible to retake the exam. While exam retakes are offered by a majority of our teachers, they are not required to participate in the Assessment Lab. So, make sure to thank your teacher if they give you another opportunity! Lastly, students should show up on early release Wednesdays and follow the procedures below for testing.  

Procedures for Assessment Lab:

1.   Only bring what you need to take the test into the library. Leave all unnecessary materials at the front of the library or in your locker.

2.   NO HEADPHONES, CELL PHONES, IPODS, ETC. ALLOWED. Using any of these during a test is considered cheating and you will receive a zero and discipline.

3.   Have your student ID or driver’s license available for identification.

a.   If you do not have an ID with you, please see Mrs. Spaulding or Mrs. Zwick to verify your identity in SIS. They will give you a verification slip you will need in order to take your assessment.

4.   Find your assessment by teacher. One table has teachers with last name A-K and the other table has teachers with last name L-Z. Find your teacher’s name and stand in line quietly.

5.   Please remain quiet while waiting in line as a courtesy to students already taking their assessments. Also, any talking during testing may result in a zero.

6.   During the test, please keep your ID/identification slip and your colored accommodations sheet out on your desk while taking your assessment. Also, keep your eyes down on your own paper.

7.   When finished with your assessment, go back to the line that you received your test to turn it in.

**You may take more than one exam but you must be able to finish all tests by 2:25.

**If a calculator is needed for the exam, you must provide it.

For more information, please contact Mr. Devlin or Ms. Knoppe