Grad Night Committee

What is Grad Night?

An alcohol and chemical–free event for graduating high school seniors on the evening following graduation from high school.  This has been a tradition at FZSD for more than 20 years.  Our experience has been that more than 80% of graduating high school seniors attend the event. 

Grad night is funded entirely through the generosity of local businesses and individuals and from fundraising events held throughout the school year.  The safe supervised all night lock-in event offers food, fun activities, and provides a final opportunity for graduating high school seniors to celebrate with their friends. 

A successful Grad Night is contingent upon a great deal of planning, fundraising and efforts from as many parents as possible.

What does the Grad Night Committee Do?

The grad night committee is composed of senior parents (and occasionally a few of the underclassman parents that want to get an early start).  The committee meets monthly to discuss and plan the grad night event and how to raise funds for the event.  The committee typically meets once a month at East High.  For more information about the grad night committee contact Mr. Aaron Wright.

Meeting Dates and Times
Wednesday, May 5th at 6:30 pm in the Library.

If any parents are interested in being part of the committee or have questions, please contact Aaron Wright or FZE Grad Night.