Attendance Facts

Children are in school to learn and grow into responsible, productive young adults prepared to enter the world of work.  Regular school attendance is the key to high school graduation and preparation for gainful employment. 


Attendance Matters

· High school students with good attendance are less likely to experience delinquent activity, social problems, or failure in school. According to research, truancy frequently leads to dropping out of school, entering the juvenile court system, and unemployment. Dropouts who work typically earn lower salaries than their counterparts. 

· Graduates on average earn about 50% more than those without a high school diploma (Muennig & Woolf, 2007) 

· Graduates are 50% more likely to have a job that offers a pension plan or health insurance (Muennig & Woolf, 2007)

· 70% of adult welfare recipients have lower level literacy skills, and about 47 percent of adult welfare recipients have not graduated from high school (USDOE 2003)

· 85% of juvenile delinquents are functionally illiterate (USDOE 2003)