AP and College Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) vs. College Credit


What is the difference between a college credit class and an AP class?
College credit classes are taught by East High teachers who have been certified by the colleges that are offering the credit. College credit classes are offered through the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis University and Drury University. When you choose to take a college credit class, you pay the cooperating university at the beginning of the semester, approximately $68 per credit hour. The college will award credit for any grade C or higher and a transcript will be available from that university. When a student graduates, he/she will request the college transcript to be sent from the cooperating college to the college they plan to attend.  
AP classes are taught by teachers that have been certified by CollegeBoard. The classes have a comprehensive, rigorous test at the end of the school year, which cost approximately $100 per test. The student will send an official report of their score(s) from CollegeBoard to the college they are attending. The score required to obtain credit from the college that a student plans to attend can vary.  
Several of our classes offer both options, college credit and AP. Students can choose to take advantage of one or both options.
Students are NOT REQUIRED to participate in either the college credit or AP options for any of the eligible classes. Any student can take the class (prerequisites required) and will receive the weighted grade on their East High transcript.  
If a student elects to take advantage of college credit or AP, it is the student’s responsibility to listen to the informational presentations and meet all registration deadlines.  
By taking advantage of college credit classes and AP classes, you can greatly reduce the overall cost of attending a 4-year university. Tuition at public universities in Missouri averages $280 per credit hour and tuition at private universities in Missouri can cost from $760 to $1300 per credit hour.  


Expectations for Pre-AP and AP Courses

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