Prom Assembly

Parents of Seniors-

Each year around Prom, East High holds an optional Prom Assembly as a means of trying to encourage students to make good choices and be safe.  This year the International Save A Life Tour will be presenting a two-part assembly to our seniors focused on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.  One part will consist of a presentation, which contains some graphic images of what happens when people drive distracted or impaired.  These images might be disturbing to some of our students and the presenters provide a disclaimer at the beginning of the presentation.  The second part of the assembly involves driving simulators.  Seniors will be released from their English class and have the opportunity to "drive while distracted and impaired".  There is a limited amount of time and simulators, which will make it difficult for all the seniors to have the opportunity to participate.  However, it is still beneficial for them to see this and we will make every effort for them to be able to participate.  If you don’t want your student to participate, please complete the Save a Life Parent Opt-Out Form and have your student return it to the office.  Here is a brief promotional clip related to the International Save A Life Tour as well as a link to their website, which provides some additional information.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our students.