Parent & Student Launch Start Up Kit

Hello FZ Virtual Families, 

We wanted to share with you the Parent and Student Start Up Kit that Launch has provided and answer some frequently asked questions we’ve been getting. Below you will also find a video link that shows students how to access their Fort Zumwalt Canvas which is the platform Zumwalt teachers will be using to teach their classes.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. While Launch classes open today, FZ students DO NOT need to begin working on their courses until August 31st. Launch teachers were reminded today of that fact and we apologize if there was any confusion.

2 Your student’s full schedule will not appear in Launch. While some classes are taught by Launch with Launch curriculum, there are other classes that are taught by a Fort Zumwalt teacher with Fort Zumwalt’s curriculum. However, all classes are listed in Student 360. Watch the linked video at the bottom to learn how to access Zumwalt taught courses. 

3. Some courses in Launch go by a different name-- ie. American Literature (FZ)=English III in Launch or Government (FZ) = Liberty and Law in Launch. If you have a question about a class you are enrolled in please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Piercy, Ms. Vaughn, or any counselor. 

4. Not all Fort Zumwalt courses are offered virtually. If your student was slated to take a course that we do not offer virtually, we substituted that class for either the closest class Launch had in curriculum and credit or we chose another course they needed to meet their graduation requirements. If you would like a schedule change, please reach out to Mrs. Piercy or your guidance counselor to do so.  As we do at the beginning of every school year, we have a 10-day window to switch virtual courses. 


Launch Start Up Kit

Parent/Guardian Introduction to Canvas - Secondary    

Student introduction to Canvas- Secondary

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work with this new system together.